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Global Warming

Global warming is no longer an issue solely for a few environmental groups or far-flung concerns of few.  As the reality of global warming is felt firsthand in our everyday lives real, global warming has become “my” issue for everyone.

For the first time in human history we are facing disastrous consequences of global warming which are more extreme and more frequent - ice shelves of Greenland breaking off and floating past North Sea towards oil drilling rig off the coast of Canada; rapid rise of sea level resulting from melting South Pole glacier which had been frozen solid for over 20,000 years; Maldives and Tuvalu, known as the Jewels of South Pacific, is facing existential threat from rising sea level; more frequent and massive wildfires all over the world; extreme weathers resulting in heavy rainfall causing flood followed by extreme drought; and desertification.  A real possibility of Bangladesh, a country of 163 million, being wiped out from the face of earth due to rising sea level is no longer a “far-flung issue” or “none of my business.”

Main cause of global warming is attributed to the carbon dioxide, a byproduct of burning fossil fuel which its use has risen with the industrialization.  Greater use of certain industrial chemicals such as methane and freon gas which is the most potent global warming gas is contributing to the further rapid warming of globe.  Moreover, with destruction of forest, rapid demise of marine phytoplankton & coral reef in ocean, the earth ability to absorb CO2 thereby countering the global warming has weakened.

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