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Why should you install solar power system?   

In this age of the global warming which threatens our very existence as humanity, we must all pitch in to save the earth and ourselves.  So, what can we as members of this society  do to take part in this concerted effort to reverse the global warming?  


Why choose URD Solar? 

Anyone with marginal experience can install solar panels.  However, depending on who design and install solar power generation system  or solar photo-voltaic (PV) system, the result will be different.    


How URD Solar is different? 

Just because cars have four wheels, it does not mean ALL cars perform the same.  Similarly, not all solar PV system will ensure savings on your electricity bill or add value to your property.  Depending on who does the designing and installation, the cost, amount of electricity produced and the life-time performance of your solar power generation system will vary.  Our solar technicians follow strict quaintly control protocol, making sure “doing it right the first time.”  


Our Environment and Solar Energy

Global Warming

Global warming is no longer an issue solely for a few environmental groups or far-flung concerns of few.  As the reality of global warming is felt firsthand in our everyday lives real, global warming has become “my” issue for everyone.

What can we do to postpone global warming?

Among many solutions touted, fusion power or the artificial sun is considered the ultimate technology that can replace fossil fuel thereby reducing the carbon gas emission.  

The Solar Energy Policy Shift

After years of policy focus on encouraging installation of solar panels, California now produces more electricity from solar power during daytime than it can use.  However, after the sunset when solar power generation is not possible, California must continue to burn fossil fuel to meet its energy need. 

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