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What can we do to postpone global warming?

Among many solutions touted, fusion power or the artificial sun is considered the ultimate technology that can replace fossil fuel thereby reducing the carbon gas emission.  However, fusion power generation technology has yet to prove itself as technologically and economical feasible solution and requires more time before it becomes a reality.  Therefore, currently available solution to the global warming is to reduce the use of fossil fuel and preserve & nurture the forest and ocean ecosystem.

California is leading the national effort to reduce carbon emission by setting the “Zero Emission” target by 2045.  According to SB100 which was passed in September 2018, California aims to generate ALL its energy from non-fossil fuel source, relying solely on clean energy source such as solar.  So far, California is on track to reach the goal as shown in the graph below:

Wind power, tidal energy, geo-thermo power, and solar power are all classified as clean energy with their own respective pros & cons.  However, in California with its abundant soral irradiance, solar photo-voltaic (PV) energy system is the most efficient and economical solution available to average Californian.

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